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Products and services warrantied up to 30 years!


Are you ready to extend the life of your metal roof? With our Conklin® Metal Restoration process you can do just that.  

Our Cool Roof® system from Conklin provides 85% reflection of UV rays. Once you call for a consultation, we'll come to your commercial property and:

  • Measure your roof

  • Prepare a proposal on the spot

  • Provide material samples so you can see the quality for yourself as we walk you through the installation process.


In the event that your roof is beyond repair, we have the option of applying a new white membrane.  Our membrane is mechanically fastened to the structure and each section is welded in overlapping sections to conceal and protect the fasteners. 


Installing a flat roof coating is quick and simple. There are no disposal or land fill costs and upfront costs for removal are nonexistent. The low drainage slope of a "flat" roof makes repairs and maintenance safe and easy to do.  


Our 3# Closed cell Polyurethane foam provides customers with an extra layer of energy star rated protection against both hot and cold temperatures. It is also extremely beneficial since you can insulate your building from outside: No shutting down your facility, and no mess to clean up inside. 

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