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Foam Insulation

Are you looking for a cost-effective, reliable alternative to the expensive option of replacing your whole commercial, agricultural or industrial roof? A spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof system is the best option for many, it simultaneously insulates and protects a building. With a 6.2 R-value per inch and 85% reflectivity of the sun’s rays, an SPF roofing system can pay for itself in 4-7 years through energy savings alone. This roofing can be applied to most existing roofs without difficulty, including built-up, metal, single-ply, and modified bitumen roofing types.

Much More Affordable than Conventional Roof Membrane Systems

There are many industrial and commercial buildings that have “conventional” membranous protection on their rooftops. However, generally speaking SPF roofs cost 15-50% less than these more conventional membrane systems to install and maintain over 30 years. Any business owner can speak of the benefit of cutting costs, and an SPF roofing system is a top roofing choice for doing just that.

Why Choose SPF?

Since it is ‘installed’ using a spray application, SPF roofing is easily and efficiently installed over almost any roofing type and can fix any defect in the roofing substrate. It adds strong structural support and is very lightweight, making it a clear alternative to other roof replacement options that are heavy on expensive structural repair and removal costs. For commercial or industrial buildings with aesthetic concerns, SPF roofing sports a great look and can be enhanced to look like asphalt tiling.

Polyurethane foam insulation is an energy star rated option that will provide savings year round.  Our closed cell foam process provides extra protection from the elements anytime of year.  It is a two-part foam that when combined with our PUMA XL® coatings gives you the ultimate in weather protection.  


This image depicts the damage that hail could do.  Notice that with the non coated yellow foam the bearing caused a break in the surface of the foam, but with the white coating applied, both the foam and the coating maintain their watertight integrity. 


The application of foam is a messy job for the individual doing it.

As you can see in this cross section, the foam and membrane leave no room for any sort of penetration by either air or water.  It is for this reason that it has been given an energy star rating of 48.

  • 18-year non-prorated warranty for materials and labor

  • White SPF roofing system reduces heating temperature on roof by 80° or more during the summer and saves up to 50% in A/C costs

  • Keeps heat well-insulated inside building during the winter, resulting in significant heating cost savings for many, many years

  • Easily repairable at any time in product life-cycle without any hitch or time delay

  • Durable protection against hurricane-force winds and other forces.

  • Minimized sound transmission

  • Does not absorb any water as a result of its tightly closed insulation features

  • Chemical resistant for more comprehensive roofing integrity protection

Many business owners find that the energy savings their SPF roofing produces extend far beyond the warranty time range.

High End Roofing can provide you with an in-depth analysis of what SPF roofing can give you in terms of immediate and long-term energy savings. Don’t delay—find out how you can enjoy the full benefits of SPF roofing:

Summary of benefits of SPF:

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