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Metal Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration is a key component in the maintenance of any metal building. Here at High End Roofing we use a Process designed and perfected by the Conklin Company.  


STEP 1: Wash the roof.


We will pressure wash the roof with 4000 PSI. adding a Rust Off® solution to eliminate any active Rust.  At this time we will also replace any missing fasteners


STEP 2: Prime the roof


After the dirt and grime has been removed and any active rust has been eliminated we will then apply the appropriate primer for that roof.


STEP 3: Seal all seams and fasteners.

We follow the primer with the application of our basecoat to each and every seam.  In the wet basecoat we place a specialized fabric, to prevent any tearing with the changing of temperatures, followed by a final basecoat on top of the fabric to provide better adhesion.  In conjunction with the fabric, we will add a special acrylic based caulk to every fastener. In this example, the pitch of the roof required that we brush the caulk on the fasteners to ensure that they would not be torn off with sliding snow and ice.


STEP 4: Top Coat

The final step is the application of our Polyurethane Modified Acrylic top coat.  this is a bright white high-reflective coating that provides 85% reflectivity to the suns incoming rays. dramatically lowering cooling costs in the summer.  

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