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Single-ply Membrane

Flat roof systems are constantly abused by nature. The abuse starts as soon as the sun starts to rise. The heat of the sun quickly brings up the temperature of the entire roof. This heat is then transferred into the rest of the building, causing energy costs to rise and premature wear-and-tear on the supporting structure.


Flat roof systems also have to deal with rain, wind and hail. Rain can be one of the worst problems for this type of roof. On a flat roof, the water has nowhere to go. It puddles and ponds causing a never-ending system of leaks that seems to spring up all over the roof. The leaks quickly spread and cause decay, mold and other structural problems. Flat roofs are in constant need of repair, and it may even seem best to remove the entire roof and have a new one installed.

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Our cool roof systems reflect 85% of UV rays.  During the scorching summer sun this will reduce the cost of your cooling bill by up to 50%.

Our single ply membrane is 60 mil. thick and comes with a 25 year non pro-rated warranty.


The Flexion XL® is applied in overlapping layers.

Finally, it is welded at every seam by superheating the air and using the weight of this robot to fully bond the layers to each other.


Replacing a flat roof


A worn and damaged membrane will sometimes need to be replaced simply because of what has happened to the material beneath it.  This membrane had some leaks at seams as well as around roof mounted fixtures and drains.


The image below is what was under this particular membrane.  That used to be 3" insulation board. We will always take core samples before we advise you to replace a membrane. 


Upon removal of the existing membrane, we got a look at the full extent of the damage.


After removing all old components from the roof, we make sure that the surface beneath the roof is clean and in acceptable condition and ready for us to apply the new insulation and membrane. 

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