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Save time

High End Roofing can apply a seamless roof system in days as opposed to a total replacement which can take weeks.  

In addition to our system being quicker to apply, there is no lost time for your company; you are able to remain inside the building while the process takes shape.   

Save money

Our premium roof coatings cost much less than a total roof replacement.

Here's how:

  • Faster process

  • Fewer materials

  • Energy Star rated

  • Less equipment required

  • Expensed as a repair cost

Save resources

Our seamless roof systems are a means of restoring the existing surface, reducing waste taken to landfills.  

Save energy

Our premium roof coating systems are engineered to reflect UV rays via their bright white color.  This lowers cooling costs.  In many cases, this can save you as much as the coating cost.  

Peace of Mind


  • That is how we can guarantee you peace of mind for the entire life of the system. 

  • Available warranties vary in range from 10-30 years.

How It Works:

Does getting a new High End seamless soof sound like a daunting task? Don't worry, it's actually very simple. Here's a quick overview of the process from start to finish. We'll work with you through every step.

Step 1

Get in touch with us. Step one is that simple. No commitments, just let us know that you need a new roof.

Step 2

We come out and do an inspection on your project. We'll look at your roof type and the condition. We'll provide a solution to any problem that you might be having and we'll also give you a project quote.

Step 3

Here's where you decide if you want to commit to a new High End seamless roof. If everything looks good and you sign the contract, we'll schedule the roof install at a time that works best with your schedule.

Step 4

Install Day! Our team comes out and installs your brand new High End seamless roof. Say goodbye to leaks and hello to energy savings!

Step 5

Congratulations, you now have a brand new High End seamless roof. Now you get to sit back and reap the benefits. Remember, you will also have the peace of mind that with having a 10-30 year warranty on your new roof.

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